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The site creator has published a book about Snook Fishing.
Fishing For Snook: Landing A Linesider is available now!

Welcome to Reel Madness Fishing! Simply put, we are all about Backwater Fishing and Flats Fishing in Florida! On this site you will find the best information on the following Saltwater fishing - Snook fishing, Redfish fishing (Red Drum), Tarpon fishing, and Seatrout fishing, specifically here in beautiful Florida. We also offer products that are specific to this style of fishing and backwater & flats fishing gear that are used to catch them. This website features fishing articles, fishing tips and tricks (specifically for fishing for Snook, Redfish, Tarpon & Seatrout), saltwater fishing lure reviews, and links to buy all your fishing gear. We now also have lifelike decals of all of your favorite Saltwater Fish that are designed and copyrighted by us personally that you can't find anywhere else!

We love living in Florida, the Sportfishing Capital of the World. Florida fishing is amazing because it has some of the best backwater fishing and flats fishing. It’s extensive network of bays, estuaries, and mangrove islands, along with oyster bars, sea grass flats, and sandbars attract an abundance of saltwater fish. 

If you get a rush out of the sound of a Snook popping bait, the sight of a Redfish tailing, or the silver shimmer of a Tarpon rolling, you are in the right place!

Please email us at info@ReelMadnessFishing.com or send your fishing pictures so we can add them!

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